We are a small family farm - Jon, Lizzie, and baby Leo - working hard to bring you quality gourmet mushrooms and medicinal tinctures.

We grow our gourmet, organic mushrooms year-round, and double-extract our tinctures in small batches using only whole mushroom fruiting bodies, never mycelium.

We use only sustainable materials in our packaging and are in the process of converting our spent mushroom blocks to bodacious fungally dominant compost to restore and revitalize our soil.

Our interest in the mycelial connections beneath our feet, the fragile interdependence of ecosystems and interconnectedness of all things, led us to mushrooms. We are excited to bring our tinctures to you and value your feedback. Please email liz@slipstreamfarm.com with any questions, comments, or wholesale inquiries.

Photo of Lizzie, Jon, and Leo - Slipstream Farm